Men Are from Mars, Women are Nagging Shrews

220px-Men-Mars-Women-Venus-CoverAs you might have guessed, we’re about to veer right into dated and incredibly sexist relationship advice from the ’90s territory. For our next episode, we’re reading John Gray, “Ph.D.”‘s massive bestseller because people are terrible, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. It’s probably going to really strengthen our communication. As in, we will both say “fuck” a lot while we talk about how much we hated it. OR will we surprise ourselves and everyone else and get something useful out of it? PROBABLY NOT, but tune in to find out anyway! And go to your local thrift store and pick up one of many old copies discarded just like the marriages they were meant to save and read along. Cheers!


Magical Russian Cats!

masterandmargIn case you missed it, we’re reading Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita for our next episode. There’s Pontius Pilate, a talking cat, obscure Stalin-era cultural and political references, and so much more! Has Isaac finished it already and Lauren not started it? MAYBE. Join us in trying to make sense of it.


Episode 12- Patriot Games

PatriotGamesLauren and Isaac read Tom Clancy’s “action” “thriller” “classic” Patriot Games this time. It’s 500 pages of ’80s sexist nonsense with lots of details about how different guns work. PLUS–terrorists! (white ones, mostly)

Lauren says, “Fuck you, Jack Ryan.”

Isaac says, “Yes, you can write a novel with your dick.”

PLUS PLUS–the premiere of our long-awaited theme song!